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1. Talk to us

Before you go any further give us a call on 01283 501 999
Our dedicated Publican Recruitment Team is on hand to help you with all the information you will need. We can talk you through the ins & outs of running a Punch pub (how does it work, what are you looking for, is it right for you?). It doesn’t matter how small your query might be or how many times you need to call, we’re here every step of the way. Once you are happy with all the information received we will start the application process to take on a Punch Pub.

2. Send us your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Once the application process is completed over the phone we will ask you to send us your CV. This will enable us to understand your skills & experience either in the industry or in other businesses and help us identify the most appropriate training that we can provide for you and your team. 
Click here for our CV template

3. Check out PEAT

Before taking on a pub business it is important that you understand the rights and responsibilities of taking on an agreement, to help you decide whether or not this is for you. Pre-Entry Awareness Training is an unbiased, online training package giving you an insight into the trade and the things you’ll need to consider before taking on a tenancy or a lease agreement. It only takes a couple of hours, but it is a great way to quickly get an unbiased insight into the industry. Find out more follow the link below


4. Meet your local Punch Development Manager (PDM)

Once you have fully completed the application process to run a Punch pub and if we think you’re right for Punch, you’ll meet your local Punch Development Manager (PDM). They will guide you through every step of becoming a Punch Publican – taking you through your options and helping you to identity your perfect pub.

5. Formal viewing of your chosen pub

After you have met your local Punch Development Manager (PDM) and you both decide to progress your interest further with your identified pub, the next stage is a to provide you with detailed and comprehensive information on the pub and arrange for you have a formal viewing of the pub.

6. Complete Business Plan and Profit & Loss

After speaking to the Punch Development Manager and we have agreed that Punch is right for you, the next step is to ensure that the business model works for both parties. You will complete a comprehensive business plan; this will detail how you want to run the business. The P&L is an opportunity to have a thorough review of your business model both in the short term, but also for long term sustainability. You will need to arrange your financials to be reviewed by a qualified accountant and seek professional, independent advice before taking on the pub.
Click here for our blank Business Plan
Click here for our comprehensive P&L

And we don’t stop there……

7. Training

Before you begin trading, you’ll be required to attend our training course, the first step in our 3-step launch programme, Foundation For Success: this covers all of the essentials of running a successful pub business and get you off to a flying start

Click here to view our Foundation Week schedule