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What are the Punch Pubs like?

Punch has a portfolio of over 3,300 quality pubs for lease or tenancy across the UK.  Using our extensive industry experience we ensure each pub has just the right offering for its location, its local customers and the competitive environment. Hence every Punch pub has its own unique atmosphere based on its location, the local customers and, of course, the publican running it! 

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We use our experience to categorise our pubs for lease according to their specific strengths to cater for certain groups of customers. By grouping our pubs in this way, we make it easier for you to shortlist those that will suit you. It will also help you to build a focused business plan to ensure that you operate your pub in the most effective way, stocking the right range of food and drinks and ultimately making a success of your business.

We start by categorising the pubs based on their location and proximity to their target audience – there are three different groups;

Community Pubs (Local customers)
High Street Pubs (Customers passing by)
Destination Pubs (Customers travelling to)

Community Pubs

Community Pubs form the backbone of our estate.  Local pubs are found on the street corner, in suburbs, neighbourhoods, on housing estates, in towns and villages around the country.  At its core the Community Pub should always provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for customers living in the neighbourhood. To excel, Community Pubs need to be at the hub of their neighbourhood, a focal point for locals.  Supporting the many and varied interest groups of the community is key, whether this is darts, pool, fund raising, local schools or business networking. whatever they may be, is key. Just as a Community pub needs to accommodate the different types of customer within its own neighbourhood, the environment from one Community Pub to another varies tremendously.  It is this diversity that makes the Community Pub what it is.

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Mighty Local

Within our Community Pub segment we have a proven successful Operating format called  “Mighty Local”. These sites specifically focus on exceeding customer expectations in the delivery of TV Sports, Entertainment  and Value for Money offers. We aim to provide customers with the luxury of being able to view TV screens from all areas of the pub, lighting rigs for entertainment and top of the range pool tables and darts areas to name just a few of the extras provided in all Mighty Local pubs. Customers feel part of the community in a Mighty Local where entertainment and team activities are regular weekly occurrences; ranging from quiz nights and live bands to charity discos and pub teams/society’s .

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Our Destination Pubs

Our Destination Pubs for lease or tenancy in the main are focused on delivering an occasion. Although they are usually out of town, they are worth travelling to because they offer something special. The majority of our Destination Pubs are sought out for their food, whether it’s value meals – 2 for 1, 2 for £10 and the likes, a traditional Sunday Lunch, or fine dining. It is not all about food though, the drinks selection and creating an appropriate pub environment are equally important and many Destination Pubs also rely on some local trade.

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Punch High Street Pubs

Punch High Street Pubs tend to reflect the busy bustling activity outside their doors.  Successful High Street Pub change their offers throughout the day to meet the needsof very different customers. By day, a High Street pub is a sanctuary to the weary shopper, be it breakfast, coffee, a quick bite at lunchtime, a refreshing cup of tea or chilled glass of wine. By night the High Street pub changes into a town centre bar, as retail and office workers stop by, alongside local residents that soon become regular visitors.

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We then segment these categories based on the appropriate offer for the core customers.  Each of available tenancy or lease categories can then be segmented into one of the 3 following;


1) Value
Being competitively priced against the local market competition is fundamental to this value proposition. Pubs within the value segment consistently use discounting and/or price mechanics (2 for £xxx etc.) to attract customers.  The Pubs marketing is price led; and the service and environment is focused on dealing efficiently and effectively with high volumes at a low margin spend per head.

2) Mainstream
The mainstream offer on a pub for lease or tenancy is based around a combination of product quality, service and price.  The offer must consistently deliver good service and classic food and drink ranges.  Marketing communications focus on quality and service, with the use of some price mechanics to drive trade. Major brands are stocked but there is the opportunity to trade up from the standard offer for example to a cask ale, or a better quality wine.

3) Premium
This offer is based on great quality and great service. It is not a price sensitive proposition. It focuses on delivering a complete customer experience. Marketing is quality led with an evolving offer, often driven by calendar occasions and the seasons. Other things that come into play are food provenance, local and seasonal ingredients, premium brands and hish service levels with a personal touch.  This is an aspirational environment which consistently delivers a great customer experience.


Are you searching for available Pub Tenancies or Pub Leases? Punch have a trusted reputation of providing quality pub tenancies and pub leases to those looking to run their own pub. If you want to be your own boss, call us now on 01283 501999 to enquire further.