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Working in the pub business

Working in the pub trade
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Training & Support

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Training & Support

To give you the best chance of running a successful and profitable pub business, Punch offers an all encompassing programme of training and ongoing professional development for partners.

Our flexible programme is the most comprehensive in the industry, and is continuously updated to reflect best practice and changing regulations. Most importantly, training is tailored to you and your team, whether you need essential pre-qualifications such as your personal licence and food safety certification, or specific help with growing your business. We offer mentoring, free workshops and the industry’s first Apprenticeship scheme.

Our training and development programme covers everything you need before you take on your pub, as you open for business and throughout your ongoing partnership with Punch.

Before you start

Even before you serve your first pint, we want to make sure that you feel completely confident, knowledgeable and prepared. Especially if you are new to the pub business, there are a few things you’ll need to do before you start:

Pre-Entry Awareness Training

The first thing you need to do is to complete BII Pre-Entry Awareness Training (PEAT). This can be done online, in your own time, and it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. This brief training programme is accredited by the BIIAB, and it will help you identify the main issues that you should consider and investigate before you even take on a pub tenancy or lease. To enrol right now, click here.

Getting a Personal Licence

You will also need a BIIAB Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) - a nationally recognised qualification for anyone wishing to apply for a personal licence to become the licensee of a pub in England and Wales. This is a one-day course. For Scotland the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH) must be obtained. To find out more below -
Personal Licence Holder Training Online
ABV Training
Arrochar Associates – Trainers and Consultants

Food Safety / Health and Safety

It is important that you undertake some essential training in both Food Safety and Health and Safety before you open for business. These courses can be completed as simple E-Learning modules, and will ensure you are clear on the food hygiene regulations, and can recognise and prevent potential hazards to your customers, yourself and your team. For details, click here. 

Ready for Business

Once you have the required pre-qualifications and you’re ready to embark on your new business venture, Punch offers a three-step launch programme to help you get off to a flying start.

We require all our partners to follow this programme (even if you have run a pub before) because, in our experience, it makes a big difference to your chances of success.

1. Foundation Week

This professional training workshop, exclusive to Punch, takes place at a range of venues across the UK. During the week you will cover all the essentials of running a successful pub business, as well as finding out what benefits are available to our partners.

The key areas of skills and knowledge are

  • Retail Standards
  • Food and Drinks Offer
  • Marketing and Merchandising
  • Managing and Training People
  • Finance Matters

To find out more about the Ready for Business Foundation Week including full content, dates, venues, costs and how to book, contact us on 01283 501999

2. Cellar Training Visit

As soon as you are in your pub (within the first fortnight), you’ll receive a practical training visit from a hands-on Cellar Services expert who will show your team how to use your cellar effectively and minimise waste. This can also increase sales by ensuring the beer you serve is in prime condition.

3. Development Planning Visit

Within 6 weeks of being in your pub, the trainer you worked with on your Foundation Week will also visit you in the pub, to help make sure you are putting your newly-acquired skills and know-how into practice. The aim of this visit is to formulate, with you, an action plan for developing your pub business. This action plan will form the agenda for the regular follow-up visits you will receive from your Partnership Development Manager. These meetings will focus on key aspects of running your pub as well as you possibly can.

Growing your business

Punch is committed to helping our partners continuously improve and develop their business, through ongoing training and development. Many of our development sessions and events are free of charge, and your Partnership Development Manager can help you decide which would be most useful for you and your team.


Punch can offer the first ever Apprenticeship specific to the licensed trade, together with Charnwood Training Group. This is the Apprenticeship in Licensed Hospitality BIIAB Level 2. Open to partners, all learning, training and assessment will occur naturally in the workplace. Charnwood will provide one-to-one coaching and distance learning support by computer, phone, interactive book and other media, tailored to your requirements. For details, click here. 


Online training, or E-Learning, is a flexible and affordable way to gain professional training and qualifications. Delivered through self-paced modules, without the need to attend formal classroom sessions, a wide range of E-Learning courses are available to boost your skills in specific areas, from wine training and cocktails, to coffee. To find out about E-Learning, click here. 

Business Building Workshops

We have built a series of free, bite-sized workshops, delivered by our training team and designed to help you maximise your sales and profits. Keep up to date with the latest innovations, network with other Punch partners and specialist trainers. Courses include increasing profit through beer, catering, service - and even by using chalkboards! For more information, click here.