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Working in the pub trade

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Training & Support

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Do You want to run your own pub? Is it for you?

Running a pub with Punch Taverns offers a unique opportunity for you to set up your own business with all the expertise and support of a leading pub company on your side. Still, running a pub is not for everyone, and you need to be sure you are making the right choice.

If you're interested in running your own pub, but haven't yet decided whether it's the right step to make, try our simple test - it'll only take a couple of minutes and will help indicate if running a pub is the right move for you.

If you would like to talk to one of the Punch Taverns team about our range of pubs to let, call us now on 01283 501999. We are ready to take your call.

Is it for you?

If you are interested in running a pub, but haven't yet decided whether it's the right step to make, try out our simple test - it will only take a couple of minutes and help to indicate if running a pub is the right move for you.

The Punch Taverns ‘Run your own pub’ Test

Please consider each question below within a work context and answer 'yes' or 'no'. When completed please refer to the end of the section where there is an explanation on how to interpret your results. If you are thinking of applying to run your own pub as a couple, please complete the exercise separately.

1. I like to be completely responsible for my own actions
2. I do not like being constantly supervised
3. I have an eye for detail
4. I enjoy being part of the local community
5. I like to take control of situations and relationships
6. I have had experience of running my own business
7. I can juggle more than one task at any one time
8. It is important that my performance as a business operator is financially rewarding
9. I have a strong desire to be successful
10. I enjoy a challenge
11. I believe that the quality of my staff are a reflection of me
12. I enjoy analysing figures and deciding on an appropriate course of action
13. I am effective at organising people
14. I lead by example
15. I prefer to initiate sales building activities rather than the company
16. I enjoy making new friends
17. I enjoy setting targets for myself and beating them
18. I understand the risks of being self employed

Interpreting Your Results

If you answered 'No' to two or three of the questions, then please think carefully about  whether running your own pub and taking a tenancy with Punch Taverns is right for you. We will be more than happy to discuss any concerns or answer any questions you may have. If you have answered 'No' to more than three questions then regrettably this may not be the right career move for you.

What kind of partnership is right for you?

It’s very important to choose the right kind of partnership agreement for you. You need to consider the following questions carefully:

How much experience do you have in pubs, leisure, hospitality or other business?

Punch can help you get the right qualifications including your personal licence to run your own pub. We offer a wide range of training & development opportunities which are open to all our partners.

If you know how the pub trade works, but want more support and flexibility, then our unique Punch Partnership Lease could be the right choice, whereas if you have little or no previous experience, then a Punch Foundation Tenancy might be better, as it offers a proven business model and the maximum levels of support.

If you are interested in a partnership with Punch, call us now on 01283 501999. We are ready to take your call.

What level of financial investment and risk can you afford?

Our partnership agreements offer different ways to balance the costs and risks of starting your own pub business, so it is important to choose the one that fits your pocket and supports your business plan.

The Punch Partnership Lease allows you to balance your rental costs against what you pay for your products. This is attractive to our entrepreneurial partners, as it offers a longer term and more flexible agreement, with greater rewards in return for taking on more of the trading risk. You can balance your rental costs against what you pay for your tied products, and there is broader scope for you to explore free of tie options, machines and other revenue streams. You may also sell on or transfer your business before the end of your 10-year lease.

The latest Punch Foundation Tenancy agreement offers a proven business model for you to follow. The costs are slightly higher, as you will be paying for maximum levels of support. We think this is a great option for people without pub experience, but it is equally suited to those that have worked in the trade for a while.

What kind of pub is right for you?

Not all pubs are the same! It is important that you choose a pub that suits you and your business plan. Punch Taverns has a large and diverse portfolio of pub properties all over the UK, ranging from great value high street pubs, to premium country inns that are destinations in their own right.

For a summary of the types of pubs we have, click here. 

What makes a good pub is a good match between the location, the pub itself, and the personalities behind the business, and behind the bar. We recommend that you visit a pub you are considering - without letting the team know you are checking it out - and form your own opinion of the pub and its potential.

Do you want to run a good value pub at the heart of a community of regular customers? Or perhaps a music venue with a reputation for a good night out, attracting people from far and wide? Do you need accommodation for a growing family, along with a family-friendly pub? Or are you purely looking for a business investment, with a manager’s flat above the bar? Take time to explore your options.

If you are interested and would like to run your own pub, call us now on 01283 501999, and we can help you further.