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Do I need any qualifications to run a pub?

It is important to Punch that all our Publicans are fully informed prior to making the decision to take a pub business, signing a Tenancy or Lease agreement is a serious commitment and as such there are certain training elements which all of our Publicans must undertake prior to completing a Punch agreement.

You will be required to complete Pre-Entry Awareness Training – PEAT. This is an online module which is mandatory to complete before taking an agreement. PEAT is provided by the British Institute of Innkeepers (BII) and provides an independent overview of what it means to undertake a pub lease or tenancy and areas you should consider prior to signing your agreement. Here at Punch we also require that you attend our Punch Foundation Week training course during which you will learn the essentials required for operating a pub business within the Punch Estate. As part of this course you will sit two BIIAB Level 2 qualifications: The Award in Beer and Cellar Quality and the Award in Licensed Hospitality Operations.

You will also need to have a personal licence which allows you to authorise the sale of alcohol on the pub premises. The process for applying for a personal licence is straight forward – please call a member of our team to find out more on 01283 501999

What do I need to be a successful Publican?

To succeed you will need to have a good understanding of the hospitality industry and have a clear vision and passion for how you want to drive your pub business. Working in the pub industry is a unique opportunity to get away from working 9 – 5, managing many different situations as you drive for success. Taking on your own pub business is a challenge but being determined, passionate and making best use of the support services available will help you achieve your goals.

How much support will I get?

Within Punch we have over 15 support teams including our experienced Punch Development Managers who are on hand to help and guide you with expertise, practical knowledge and experience, supporting you as you build your successful business. They’ll visit you regularly and will offer business advice and marketing tips to help you thrive and develop your business. Taking on your own pub takes a great deal of hard work but with the support of Punch you’ll never be alone.

What’s the difference between a tenancy and a lease?

Typically, a Tenancy will be for no more than a fixed term of 5 years and is not assignable whereas a Lease agreement is typically for a longer term with a right to renew at the end as well as the ability to assign the business. There are also differences in the terms of both types of agreements regarding both Publican and Landlord responsibilities in regard to areas such as repair and maintenance for example. Should you wish to know more about the tenancy or lease options available with Punch please speak to you Recruitment Executive or Punch Development Manager for more information.

Do I have to buy drinks from Punch?

The terms of your Agreement will outline what products you have to buy from Punch, this is referred to as the Tie. We have both tied and free of tie options available within Punch.
For more information please contact the Recruitment team on 01283 501999.

What background information will I get on each pub?

As outlined in the Pubs Code Regulation, prior to accepting your agreement Punch will provide you with ‘Schedule 1’ information, this provides you with all relevant pub specific information you should require in order to make an informed decision on the opportunity available. If you are buying an assigned Lease, the ‘Schedule 1’ information will be supplied to you by the current Lessees – you’ll need to verify and confirm that you have considered such information before taking on the agreement.

How much will it cost to move in?

Each opportunity advertised will outline the estimated costs needed to get your pub business up and running. You can find out more about this in our section on cost considerations, which you can find here.

Who pays for repairs?

Specific repair obligations will be outlined within your Agreement. As part of your agreement you will need to make weekly payments into a Repairs and Maintenance Fund. This will help you to save towards the future repairs and maintenance of the pub and can be drawn upon when needed.

Who pays for insurance?

Buildings Insurance is sourced and provided by Punch as part of your agreement. The cost is recharged to you in line with the frequency of your rent payments. Punch offer a price match option should you be able to source like for like cover at a cheaper price in regards to the buildings insurance charge. In addition you are required to insure the other areas of your business that you will be responsible for, including public and product liability, employers liability, fixtures and fittings/contents and loss of income.

What if I want to leave early?

Our Tenancy Agreements have the ability for either party to serve notice at any given time written into them so that you can bring your agreement to an end in line with the prescribed length of notice, these clauses have specific timings which will be outlined in the agreement. If you have a Lease, you do not have the automatic right to bring your agreement to an end however Punch will always discuss this with you. As a Leaseholder, you may also have the option to sell the agreement to a new Publican. Bringing an agreement to an early end is a serious decision, but we have outlined the different options available in our Services Guide which can be found here.

How much money do I need to become a Punch Publican?

As you might expect, running your own pub will involve a number of costs. These can vary hugely depending on the type of agreement you take on combined with other factors such as the size, style and location of the pub. You will need to have some working capital and think about how you’ll pay for fixtures and fittings. Essentially, you are starting your own business and you will need money to provide a deposit, purchase stock, cover legal, training and admin fees, and also pay for your first beer order. For additional guidance please call a member of our recruitment team on 01283 501999

Do I need to have experience running a pub?

Previous experience of running a pub will of course be advantageous but is not essential. Any experience of running your own business and managing accounts, profit and loss and stock control will also help you on the way to success. More importantly, Punch recognises the passion, ambition, vision and commitment in our operators who have the drive to make their businesses a success. We offer a wide range of support and training services to help both new entrants to the trade and experienced licensees.

How much money can I expect to earn?

Taking on a pub and becoming your own boss is not without risk. Being self-employed is very different to receiving a regular, stable salary; but there is also the prospect of even greater reward. Again, the style of pub and how you choose to run your business will affect your profits. It is important that you enter the business with a realistic view of potential performance. Your Punch Development Manager will provide you with all the relevant information specific to your pub which will help you to shape you vision and build your business plan.

Do you offer discounts on other goods and services?

Punch are proud to offer you a range of services to help you in the successful running of your pub business at discounted rates, saving you money on your bottom line – more information regarding such services can be found on the Punch Buying Club

Can you run a pub with no experience?

The simple answer is yes. If you’ve had experience of working in or running a pub before that’s great, but don’t worry it’s not a requirement. The most important qualities you need are dedication, determination and a passion to make your business succeed. Being a great people person and adapting yourself to work with a variety of customers is vital. Versatility is key and having knowledge about stock control and financial management, along with legal information and how you can get the best staff for your business will help you flourish.

Once I’ve applied on the website, what happens next?

We’ll be in touch with you within 5 working days to register your interest. Following this we’ll put you in touch with the relevant Recruitment Executive or Punch Development Manager for an informal chat to get to know you and learn more about what you are looking for in a pub. The process is two stages where you will be required to complete a business plan. If there is not currently a pub you are interested in or we decide you might be best suited to another pub then we will keep your details on our talent bank and will be in touch once a suitable opportunity arises.


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