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Gender Pay Reporting

Punch is committed to promoting diversity across the business.  To this end, Punch is committed to providing equal opportunities in recruitment, promotion, career development, training and reward to all employees without discrimination.  We give full consideration to applications for employment from disabled persons where the requirements of the job can be adequately fulfilled by such persons.  We continue to be supportive of the employment of disabled persons in accordance with their abilities and aptitudes, provided that they can be employed in a safe working environment. Where existing employees become disabled, it is Punch’s policy wherever practicable to provide continuing employment under normal terms and conditions.

Here at Punch we are committed to attracting and retaining talented and dedicated individuals, ensuring that they are remunerated and rewarded appropriately and consistently for the contribution they bring to the business.

In our report we have set out our gender pay gap and bonus pay gap data along with the number of male and female colleagues in each quartile of our pay ranges. We also explain what we think the reasons for the differences are.

Click below to view our Gender Pay Gap Report for April 2017.

Gender Pay Report:

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